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Sean Bingham is an “entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, sales, marketing, networking and leadership” within the business space.  This statement comes from Sean’s LinkedIn summary and I agree with it.  However, in my opinion, the reason why Sean is unique is because he gets stuff done and has a passion for living.  While in college, Sean and his brother Jared noticed that BYU students like to dance and have fun, just like any other group of college students.  One problem though, Provo didn’t have the venues or organizations to support that.  So, they decided on a theme for a dance night, set a date, and began promoting.  The first night they made $25,000.  I would bet that Sean was not the first person to realize that BYU students like to dance and that there were no venues to dance at.  I would bet that Sean was not the first person to think about doing something about it.  But Sean took the next step and acted on his idea.  I want to thank Sean for taking the time to do an interview with me.  Below are some of the top principles that we talked about.

Success = Happiness

For Sean, success is all about happiness.  So, what brings happiness?  In his opinion, maintaining your priorities.  This is such a great insight!  Sean values certain things, just like everyone else.  However, life has a way of shaking you up and slapping you across the face.  It is easy to give into the strongest pressures, instead of following your priorities.  For example, college is one of the most stressful things I have ever been apart of.  Professors have a gift for making your life revolve around their subject of expertise.  Often times, weeks would go by without any fun or any recreation.  School was, more often than not, the strongest pressure in my life and would dictate how I would spend my time.  Sean viewed college as more than an opportunity to learn, it was an opportunity to have tons of fun.  As a result, he had a blast and met a lot of amazing people.  Sean, did not let college (the strongest pressure) mix up his priorities.  So, was Sean a party animal?  I don’t know but I do know that he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.93 GPA, 5-time BYU Dean’s list, U.S. National Dean’s list, 4-time full BYU tuition academic scholarship recipient, and Golden Key International Honour Society member.  So if that constitutes as a party animal, I want to be that kind.

It addition to having fun and enjoying life, Sean values hard work and making money.  After college, Sean did summer sales for Pinnacle Security.  In 2009, he managed one of the most successful teams in the entire company and was the #1 sales manager industry-wide.  In 2010, Sean launched TopBlip with his other brother, Justin, and two and half years later sold it to Gigg.  In 2013, Sean launched Kameleonz, his current company, which took off online and has experienced over 200% growth each year.  After trying some of Kameleonz’s products I do not wonder why they took off.  The sunglasses look great and feel great.  The quality is fantastic, especially for the price.  The beanies are fashionable and keep your head warm.  Check out the links below to see the products that I own.  Worth buying, for sure!

Reports and Data

How can one person experience so much professional success?  Sean is a believer in reports and data.  He hates the “effort” excuse when it is used to justify poor performance.  You are either making things happen or you are not.  One reason why reporting and collecting data is so important is because it forces you to see reality.  Most humans believe they are better than they really are (I often fall into that category).  As a result, we don’t like taking correction or criticism.  However, you can’t argue with cold, hard facts.  Steph Curry is an amazing basketball player and his stats back it up.  Steve Jobs was an amazing innovator and Apple’s revenue backed that up.  Measuring legitimate progress through reporting and data is one of the best things you can do in your pursuit of success.

Set Goals

In order to generate great reports and track data you need to have clear goals.  If you don’t have specific goals that you are working to achieve, promise yourself that you will create some when you are done reading this article.  Creating, tracking, and achieving goals are key habits that Sean attributes much of his success to.  When you have a goal, you know exactly what you are working towards.  When you know exactly what you are working towards, you can be extremely focused and limit distractions.  Which in turn will lead to success.  Creating, tracking, and achieving goals is hard work but it is worth it.

There Is Always A Way

While I was preparing for the interview, I frequently wondered how Sean has been able to experience so much professional success.  Naturally, I asked him that exact question.  The first response that Sean gave was, “There is always a way.  It is just a matter of how much time and energy it will take.”  So, how do you “find the way”?  First, confidence.  In fact, that is one of Sean’s gifts.  Despite Sean’s natural confidence, there are times of doubt and fear.  So, what does he do to confront those things?  Sean chases out doubt and attacks fear.  We can all do this.  Think of something that you are afraid of.  Once you have identified it, list out possible ways that you can attack it.  Do the same thing with your doubts; then act!  I would love to hear about your experiences.

The second key to “finding the way” is practice, practice, practice.  Sean reflected on his summer sales experiences and how much he studied the product material and practiced the sales pitch.  There is no substitute for hard work and practice.  It is easy to get caught up in the mindset that successful people were just born that way.  We usually only see professional athletes during games.  We usually only see movie stars in the movies.  We usually only see entrepreneurs releasing a new and exciting product.  We usually only see successful people at their best, when they are doing something exciting.  However, there is so much more to these people.  Behind the skills, talents, innovation, and final products is a ridiculous amount of hard work and attention to detail.  

The third key is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.  Don’t try to do everything on your own.  One of the greatest things about life is the opportunity to meet and learn from other people.  You are who you spend your time with.  Successful people hang around successful people.  The key here is to learn and then give back (provide value).  


I want to thank Sean again for the time that he spent with me.  I hope you were able to learn.  Now I challenge you to go do something about it.  Below are links to the Kameleonz’s website and social media pages as well as some links to my favorite interviews.  Have a great day.



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