Interview with Nick Greer, My Mentor and Inspiration



Nick Greer essentially introduced me to the world of entrepreneurship.  When I started college I wanted to learn how to think out of the box, who better to learn from than entrepreneurs?  So, I entered the entrepreneurship program at Brigham Young University and never looked back.  Nick taught the first entrepreneurship class I took.  He radiates success and I will always consider myself lucky to have had him as a teacher and mentor.

Nick has successfully created, built, and sold multiple businesses.  He has a gift for making the improbable happen.  He believes that everyone has the potential to do good and is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.  Thank you, Nick, for the time you spent with me.

Today’s article is structured by principle after principle after principle.  I asked Nick five questions and all of his answers were amazing.  The principles below are, in my opinion, the most powerful of what we talked about.

Definition of Success

“Success is dependent upon someone’s long-term happiness,” stated Nick.  This two-part insight is important to understand.  Success is long-term and created over a lifetime.  Success is not about short-term results.  While those short-term results may be important to long-term success, they are not in and of themselves the definition of true life success.  Instead of viewing success as a point in time, view it as an amazing, exciting journey of a lifetime.  In addition, success is about happiness.  Clint Betts talked about this as well.  Success is about doing something that makes you happy while also making others happy.  

Nick brought up another interesting point about what success is.  Nick believes that “success is ever-evolving and always changing.”  This is what he means.  Early in Nick’s career his main goal was to make money.  Why?  To support his family and build his new business.  As his business grew and money was not as much of a worry, Nick’s main goal was to build people.  Now, Nick is focused on raising his children and teaching them important values.  Obviously Nick is accomplishing more in life than just his main goals, that is true for all of us.  The point here is that as life changes so will your goals; however, they can all play into our long-term happiness (or success).


“Good habits at home reflect who you really are.”  Thank you Nick Greer!  Take some time to think about this statement.  What kind of person are you to the people that you are most comfortable with?  Are you kind, outgoing, and hardworking when you are at work and then sarcastic, lazy, and rude when you are at home?  Hopefully not.  However, it is easy to fall into these kinds of traps.

Nick told a story about a recent golf game and a lesson he learned in the process.  Nick and a good friend were playing a round of golf at a course whose sand traps were not well maintained.  After his friend hit a ball out of one of the rugged bunkers Nick jokingly mentioned, “Looks like you don’t need to rake this trap, no one will notice the difference.”  For those of you who are not familiar with golf, it is part of golf etiquette to rake the trap after you hit out of it.  This allows the sand traps (also known as bunkers) to remain neat.  Nick’s friend laughed but then pointed out that it is times like these when our true character and our habits are tested the most.  It is times like this when we need to continue our small but important habits.  Agreed.  Our habits collectively define us.  Everyone has habits whether they have specifically chosen them or not.  Therefore, having deliberate and consistent habits is vital to being successful in life.

Learn from Tough Times

When Nick was 11 years-old his mom and dad sat him down and told him that they were going to lose their house and almost everything they owned.  Nick said that he thinks about that moment often.  During that time in his life Nick learned many valuable lessons.  So when times get tough, the first thing that Nick thinks is, “What am I supposed to learn from this challenge?”  I want to reiterate this idea.  Life’s challenges and trials are frequent and can be miserable.  If you don’t learn from these experiences what good does going through them do for you?  Nothing.  However, if we take the time and energy to learn from them we will no doubt be better off and will be able to become much more successful.

What Great Thing Is Around The Corner?

Nick has noticed a pattern in his life:  when times get tough something good or great is usually right around the corner.  The key is to not give up because when we give up we may lose out.  So, when times are tough Nick increases the amount of good that he does or he gives more effort to the things that he is already doing.  I remember a story Nick told when I was in his class.  After his startup grew significantly, one of their largest customers left them.  That customer accounted for a large percentage of his business’s revenue.  This was a startling time.  However, instead of sulking and giving up, Nick walked into the office, looking good, feeling good, and determined to use this experience to boost the company to even greater heights.  He was successful and the people who stuck with him benefitted greatly.

An Important Note About Trials

One reason why I love Nick’s philosophies about challenges and trials is because they promote a positive and fearless mindset.  Instead of focusing on your misery, you focus on what you are going to learn.  Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you increase your efforts in preparation for the great thing that is around the corner.  The trials may not be any less severe or painful; however, your personal gain will exponentially increase.  All human beings have the potential to control life by controlling how they react to life.  Use that gift.

Life Mission

Nick’s life mission is to inspire others to do great things.  I am a testament that he is accomplishing it.  The reason why I am including this section is because the more successful people I interview the more I am amazed at how quickly they respond to, “What is your life vision?”  Successful people understand their strengths and what they are contributing to the world, average people don’t.  No life mission is too small.  The only important thing is to use your strengths to make the world a better place, that is your life mission.

Making Your Vision Come To Life

Nick is clearly good at making things happen.  I asked Nick how he does this.  His answer was simple:  just take action.  It is human tendency to over-think, over-analyze, and over-everything else except for over-act.  “Sometimes,” Nick said, “my wife and I will be driving in the car and she will ask me where I am going.  I will respond by saying that I know where I am going but I don’t know exactly how I am going to get there.”  Nevertheless, Nick is acting!  He is moving in a direction and making progress.  Often, we as humans want to be perfect or at least want to appear perfect.  Just accept that you are not perfect, become okay with failing and making mistakes, and go DO things.  If you don’t learn anything else from this article, learn this:  just take action.

I want to thank Nick again for his time.  Nick is extremely busy so we are fortunate that he opened up his schedule for us.  Please share this article if you learned anything.  Thank you.  Have a great Wednesday!